astrea os

Wearables tell you what's wrong with your health.
Now, we're here to improve it.

a better you

Sleep deprivation, jet lag, stress, injuries. It all piles up to undermine your ability to perform. Our goal is to help you conquer these.

Astrea is founded by a neuroscientist to create the first smart home system that is focused exclusively on you. Astrea OS works by customizing the conditions of your living space to satisfy your unique requirements, enabling you to confidently pursue your goals and remain at the top of your game.

intelligent home

Astrea OS is a complete home operating system that can be installed into existing homes or facilities to improve your living environment. Think of it as the central nervous system. Our app enables you to monitor, control, and personalize settings to find your sweet spot.

Light Level
Air Quality

sleep soundly

With circadian lighting, smart temperature control, and automated blackout shades to help you sleep and wake up primed to go.

breathe fresh

With continuous air quality monitoring, plus automated air flow adjustment to help you stay oxygenated overnight.


With settings that adapt in real-time to help you hit your daily recovery needs and prepare you to win.

the ultimate you

Are you ready to take the next step towards a healthier and stronger life? Version 1.0 is in development and currently available to professional athletes who join our demo program.

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2-3 DAYS

Each home is prepared off-site in our facility as a complete kit of components, including the structure, mechanical systems, interiors, and solar setup.


1-2 DAYS

Components are flat-packed and shipped to site by land or sea (or space). We design for packability to deliver further for less, while reducing our carbon footprint.



Components arrive on-site, ready for rapid and reliable assembly by our trained team. Compared to the typical months plus delays to build a home, we build in just 7 days.

Why panelized?

Off-site fabrication has been used in manufacturing for decades, with well-established methods to produce high quality, complex machinery like automotive vehicles. Astreia brings these same advantages to the building industry to provide homes that are better for people, better for the environment, and capable of creating sustainable homes at scale.


The use of computer-generated designs, precise machines, and routine production all serve to dramatically enhance the quality and reliability of build. Every step of the process is also recorded and analyzed for quality control.


Vertical integration of the building process streamlines production. Work continues in all weather conditions in off-site facilities, materials arrive without risk of site delays, and on-site assembly is systematic and rapid.


Panelized building produces 76% less waste than traditional construction, while minimizing environmental disturbance and site pollution. Combined with our use of sustainable materials, this achieves a low carbon footprint home.